You are unstoppable!

There are so many things lined up to stop you. Your period should not be one of them.

Our core values

  • Womxn’s health – First and foremost, we are a Women’s health company. Our products are designed to make you more healthy, more free, more woman!
  • Our Planet’s health – Environment and sustainability. We guarantee sustainability and transparency in our products, our supply chain, and our business practices.
  • Our Society’s health – Empowerment and inclusivity. We are committed to empowering ALL menstruators by improving their menstrual experience and breaking the menstrual taboos. Through our partner NGO, Myna Mahila Foundation, we support vulnerable communities by contributing towards increased access to menstrual products.


Shagun Maheshwari
Co-Founder, CEO

My name is Shagun and I’m a Mechanical Engineer from Mumbai

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Duke University, and I am passionate about menstrual health, sustainable development and women empowerment.

Suhani Jalota

Hi! I’m Suhani, from Mumbai.

I’m usually shuffling between my research and entrepreneurial roles for my PhD at Stanford and my social enterprises. I founded Myna Mahila Foundation, a women’s health non-profit, in 2015 in urban slums in Mumbai. Over the years, we’ve worked on some incredible projects. Victoire, Shagun and I met through some of these, and we shared a common goal of helping make the menstrual process seamless for women like us anywhere in India.


Hi, I’m Victoire from Paris. 

I come from an International Development background and I have experience in inclusive business and social entrepreneurship, both in France and in India. Passionate about gender equality and social innovation, I have been working on menstrual health in India for more than 5 years.

Shreya Shah
General Manager and Product Design

Hi, I’m Shreya from Ahmedabad.

I am a product designer from Anant University. I like working on problems faced by society and solutions that are sustainable, low-cost, and have the potential for large impact.  I love working on user research, materials and manufacturing processes and prototyping ideas.


My name is Dhriti and I’m from Meerut.

I’m a student doing Communication Design at Anant University. I’m driven by social causes and inspired by team work and the large scale impact of great design. My mission is to serve others, contribute to society, grow and learn new skills.