How can I be sustainable?

The word ‘sustainable’ is very broad. At its core, being sustainable is about living in harmony with your surroundings – like a dance where both the earth and humans move and grow together gracefully. An indispensable factor in being sustainable is the environment, as it necessitates the prudent usage of our resources and a conscientious disposal of trash. To protect our planet and foster sustainability, recycling and reducing our waste become practices we should work towards introducing into our daily lives. Even if it might seem foolish and impossible, each and every person’s actions contributes to the global effort to be more sustainable. And while living a completely sustainable life might pose itself as an impossible challenge, it is important to realize that even the smallest efforts can have a big impact. 

Each and every person can work towards being sustainable. For instance, shopping for produce at 

farmers markets as well as reusing materials as many times as you possibly can, can prove to have a positive impact on our environment and minimize your ecological footprint. Do some research and find out which products are the most eco-friendly, and which ones are terrible to the environment in terms of breaking down once thrown away. 

In the end, how sustainable of a lifestyle you want to have rests with you, but always remember that each and every step towards sustainably counts. And we can all move towards a more sustainable future, if we each become mindful of our actions and work towards a more healthy and better life. 


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